Introducing the JHTP

The Jackson Hole Technology Partnership (JHTP) - founded in 2014 as a non-profit, 29 U.S.C. 501(c)(3) entity - to find new technologies to advantage rural peoples and accelerate accessibility on a global scale.  The JHTP hosts the annual Wyoming Global Technology Summit that convenes in Jackson Hole in late summer.  

The JHTP helps solve rural challenges by accelerating access to new technologies that improve biotech and healthcare delivery, energy, information security, mobile banking, agriculture, transportation, communication and clean water and clean air.

The Wyoming Global Technology Summit (WGTS) is an international annual event held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in late summer. WGTS is about getting everyone together in the same room.  We have researchers who are leaders in their fields, entrepreneurs who can accelerate implementing these different technologies in rural populations and individuals that they impact.

“I believe there are great solutions out there that we can’t even imagine yet. But we know by putting people together who want a better future that those things can become possible. If you put like-minded people together who believe they can shape their future, who believe there are better tomorrows, we have in our hands the ability to shape a better future.”

former Wyoming Governor Matt Mead



Our goal is to identify cutting-edge technologies that can help rural peoples and accelerate accessibility to that technology on a global scale.  Ours is an effort to show rural populations these new generation technologies and unleash human genius.

We identify those driving these technologies and enable them to showcase breakthrough technologies and innovations.

Rural populations around the world face challenges from a lack of modern health care, poor business infrastructure, fluctuating economies and inadequate information.

“JHTP is pushing frontier technologies that will impact quality of life for rural people in America and around the world.”

John Temte, Jackson Hole Technology Partnership Co-Founder & Chair