Stone Soup Initiative

Democratizing Technology Globally

Tasked to find cutting-edge technologies for rural people globally and accelerate their accessibility, the Jackson Hole Technology Partnership has begun its first global initiative. To the determined young scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs reaching out from around the world with your offers to help, we are forever grateful.

Last year, we began to ask what technology could generate contagious cures against global pandemics. To explore that, we turn to create a new tool to accelerate scientific and engineering solutions by enabling scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to meet in personal Virtual Reality environments that respond as nature would.

We intend to drive a technology that enables people to solve global problems together and faster than ever before. While the weaponization of life sciences and synthetic biology counsel us to accelerate our pace, we know those technologies can also unite newly kindled aspirations with new opportunities.

Create solutions to scientific and engineering problems at speeds never before dreamed possible.

Compete globally from anywhere, with digital precision, speed and ease.

Enable the creation of wealth by those whose incomes have been displaced by other technologies.

Enable those sustained by fragile life support to build what is important to them.

Enable the rise of new technologies to help us each reshape our own journey of life.