Governor Mead, Founding member

Matt Mead was sworn in as Wyoming’s 32nd Governor on January 3, 2011. Born in Jackson, Wyoming, Governor Mead was raised on the family ranch in Teton County. He has a law degree from the University of Wyoming and a BA degree from Trinity University in San Antonio. The Governor has served as a county and federal prosecutor, practiced in a private firm, and served as United States Attorney for Wyoming from October 2001 to June 2007. After he stepped down as U.S. Attorney, Matt and his wife Carol, the First Lady, returned full time to operating their farming and ranching business in southeast Wyoming.

Since taking office, the Governor has put a major emphasis on diversifying Wyoming’s economy by expanding the technology sector. He consolidated all state information technology services into one agency, Enterprise Technology Services, worked with the Wyoming Business Council to offer growth in the data center market successfully recruiting data centers both in state and out of state. On economic growth, a state energy strategy, and creating the first state transition to IPV6 over a “unified” layer 2 network ring named the Wyoming Unified Network. A 100GB high speed fiber ring around the state connecting all Wyoming state offices, schools, community colleges and the University across one fiber backbone looped into the Front Range Gigapop. This high speed network, built by our private partners additionally allows for the expansion of high-speed broadband to all business, county and local governments.

Governor Mead continues to travel to communities around the state to hear from residents in the places where they live and work. He maintains an open door policy at the historic Idelman Mansion where his office recently moved during Capitol Renovation. Representing the interests of the state, the Governor also serves in regional and national leadership roles. He is Chairman of the Western Governors' Association. He serves on the Council of Governors and as the Vice Chair of the Natural Resources Committee of the National Governors Association. He is also co-chair of the State and Federal Sage Grouse Task Force, which brings together federal officials and representatives of 11 western states for a regional conservation effort. Matt and Carol have been married for 25 years and have two teenaged children, Mary and Pete.

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John D. TEMTE, founding Member


In 2014 John accepted Governor Mead’s call to action to both Chair the Jackson Hole Technology Partnership and the Annual Wyoming Global Technology Summit.  A serial entreprenuer, John hails from startups, venture capital (tech) and private equity (energy).  John along with Wyoming Governor Matt Mead founded the Wyoming Global Technology Summit and the Jackson Hole Global Technology Partnership to serve as assets to help diversify Wyoming's economy.  John was instrumental in the tremendous success of the inaugural 2014 Summit and the continued successes of the 2015-17 summits.

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JACK SELBY, Founding Member


In 2014 Jack accepted Gov. Mead’s call to action to help guide the Jackson Hole Technology Partnership and co-chair the Wyoming Global Technology Summits.  Jack, part of the founding PayPal team, hails from entrepreneurship, venture capital and motion pictures.  Jack is one of the co- founders of the Jackson Hole Global Technology Summit and was instrumental in the tremendous success of the inaugural 2014 Summit and the successes of the 2015-17 summits.


Board Member & Strategic Counsel

Tim accepted Gov. Mead’s call to action to help guide the Jackson Hole Technology Partnership.  Tim hailed from the world of appellate law before becoming Strategic Counsel.


Board Member & Director of Development

Seth served as Chair of the Wyoming Global Technology Summit’s first follow-up Del Mar Workshop early in 2015, in which he introduced the Summit’s organizers to key leaders in the biotech community in Del Mar, California.  Seth, a tax attorney and author, is a development fundraising specialist. Before accepting a Board position, Seth served as V.P. for the J. Craig Ventur Institute and as Executive Director, Foundation Relations, for the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Seth was instrumental in the tremendous success of the 2015 Summit.



Board Member

Bill accepted Gov. Mead’s call to action to help guide the Jackson Hole Technology Partnership.  Bill hails from the Wyoming Business Alliance, where he served as President, and was instrumental in creating the Wyoming Business Council and Hathaway Plan. 

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DR. Allen GEE

Director of the JHTP Healthcare Initiative

Allen L. Gee, MD, PhD, FAAN is a practicing Neurologist in Cody, WY working for his companies Frontier NeuroHealth and Wyoming Neurologic Associates.  He has been a Health Information Technology consultant for over a decade and advocates for using technology to bridge    the geographic barriers to healthcare.   Dr. Gee received the Athena Health Vision Award in 2014.  He has been actively involved in Wyoming health information exchange initiatives under Governors Freudenthal and Mead.

Dr. Gee has been instrumental in the creation of the NeuroHealth and Intergrated Neurology section of the American Academy of Neurology.  He is a graduate and advisor for the AAN Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum and currently speaks at the Academy meetings on the topic of Leadership and Health Information Technology.  He served on the AAN Government Relations Committee for 6 years and current serves on the AAN Practice Committee.

The “Healing Space” clinic in Cody was designed and built by Dr. Gee and combines the foundational drivers of neurohealth services and technology to improve efficiencies of process and patient care.

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Development Innovator for Human Advancement

Beth was introduced to the Jackson Hole Technology Partnership at the 2016 Summit. The possibility to turn concept into action is what spurred Beth into a formal relationship with JHTP. Beth’s focus is on creating platforms to do great work alongside creative people while solving a               meaningful problem. She’s committed to driving global outcomes through the Wyoming Healthcare Initiative, a worthy project of JHTP because she believes no person should be at risk for poor health outcomes based on where they live. 

Cindy Delaney


Cindy serves as CPA for the Jackson Hole Technology Partnership, having founded Delaney CPA in 2010 after hailing from 18 years of notable success in specialized tax consulting and compliance for non-profit organizations, businesses, individuals and trusts.  Cindy began with Deloitte & Touche as a senior tax manager and advised start-up technology clients, as well as large public companies, for over a decade.  Delaney CPA now serves substantial clients throughout the United States, in both rural communities and metropolitan cores. 

The Board was thrilled when Cindy agreed to serve as the JHTP’s CPA as we move onto the global stage to identify and accelerate access to new generation technologies for the rural populations of the world.