Governor Mead's 5th Annual

Wyoming Global Technology Summit

Save The Date:  18-20 September 2018

Presented by The Jackson Hole Technology Partnership 501c3

The Wyoming Global Technology Summit (WGTS) is an event held every year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We have researchers who are leaders in their fields, entrepreneurs who can accelerate implementing these different technologies in rural populations and individuals that they impact. The 2018 Summit will feature industry titans and innovators on the topics of Blockchain, Artificial Intellegence, Fintech, Venture Capital, Quantum Computing, Education Technology and Digital Healthcare Technology are confirmed for Governor Mead’s 2018 Global Technology Summit.

A few of the following firms are confirmed participants for this years event:

Chase Ventures

Shasta Ventures

Greylock Partners

Thiel Capital

Temte Capital

Prize Capital

Real Networks



Google X



X Prize

Many more to be announced…

Information about the Center for the Arts can be found here.




 Offering flights through Delta, United, and American Airlines.

Offering flights through Delta, United, and American Airlines.


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